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About Us

Everyone deserves good quality, quick accessible and affordable products, Start acquiring your dream properties now.


At 2Safrica, a division of Smart-EEG, we help people experience their most exciting selling and buying life. We sell all kinds of products, from diverse origins, but we concentrate more on the best quality African products. If you are looking for where to buy tested and proven goods at the best price, or you are tired of going through the stress to go up and down the cities looking for a particular product, 2safrica is here to help you get your desired products from the comfort of your home.

If you have a product for sale, you are looking for a larger market for your products, or you are wondering which segment of the market is in need of your valuable products, then 2safrica will help get your product to those who need it.2safrica gives clients a chance to concentrate on other important activities, why we get the products they desire to them or sell their goods for them.

As a division of Smart-EEG, 2safrica is made up of a team of the smartest sales people you will find in the industry, the most rapid and careful delivery team, an excellently efficient management team and a very loving and exciting customer care (front desk) team. We are also partnering with top companies who will stop at nothing but the best results.

We are trusted by big, medium and small size businesses. Many homes and individuals also trust us with their day to day supplies of home consumables. Join the list of smart and happy people doing business with us today all over the world.

History of Smart Expert Engineering group (Smart-EEG).

The Smart-EEG is the number one efficient E-commerce team in Cameroon, started by a group of Engineers, accountants and marketers. The company was registered in the Cameroon trade register in February 2021. This came after close to two years of intense work by the founders whose primary focus is to bring to people of all classes, the best goods they desire and to help the small and large manufacturers to maximize their income.

2safrica embodies the truth that there is a market for every product, and that everyone can have access to any desired products, no matter their location.